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An author and historian with a passion for storytelling, Lauren Johnson has a degree and Masters in History from Oxford University and currently works in heritage as a research manager and costumed interpreter.

Her debut novel, The Arrow of Sherwood, was published by Pen & Sword Fiction. An origin story of ‘Robin Hood’, it roots the mythic figure in the complex reality of the twelfth century.

Lauren’s most recent book is So Great a Prince: England and the Accession of Henry VIII (Head of Zeus), which explores the political intrigues of Henry VIII’s first year as king alongside the daily lives of his subjects.

The Arrows of Sherwood

The Arrow of Sherwood

I have read many takes on Robin Hood over the years but this book has been, by far, my favourite.

Mighty refreshing to read something both well-written AND accurately researched. Top form.

Dr. Annie Gray

I much enjoyed The Arrow of Sherwood. It offers an original modern re-working of the medieval tale, avoiding anachronisms while offering rich period detail. Many congratulations!’

Professor Nigel Saul

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So Great A Prince

So Great a Prince

Lauren Johnson is a terrific guide to a country on the brink of profound and permanent change, connecting everyday life with the thrust of great political events. This is a gripping and important work from a very talented new writer.

Dan Jones

A fascinating and original book, So Great a Prince is a richly textured journey through a pivotal but often overlooked year in English history. Johnson is a fine historian with a superb eye for detail. She will be at the forefront of British historical writing for a long time to come.

Mathew Lyons

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