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An outstanding speaker!

Lauren is an experienced public speaker, and has addressed audiences of all ages and in many different guises. As well as undertaking public history talks based on the research for her books, Lauren has also led storytelling and History workshops for students from KS2 to postgraduate level. She is a speaker for the WI and has even done talks in costume and in historical character.

She has appeared on a number of podcasts, where she explained her historical research or chaired debates.


Public History talks:

An outstanding speaker, Lauren’s enthusiasm is infectious. Her talk was full of surprising detail which brought the whole story to life for a broad and discerning audience. Lauren has a genuine gift for engagement which is supported by considerable knowledge.

Dany Rees, Wellcome Library

Excellent lecture, very easy to follow and thought provoking. Lauren has a superb delivery and her humorous explanations were very enjoyable.

Amazing talk, and such an engaging speaker.

Audience members

Engagement Workshop, PhD students:

“Such an excellent job facilitating and leading! It's been invaluable to work with you on this.

Elma Bremner, Wellcome Library


History debates for Historic Royal Palaces, chaired by Lauren:

An amazing night at the Tower... and a terrific MC!

Historian Lauren MacKay

Splendid chairing!

Dr Suzannah Lipscomb

Very interesting and eye opening

It was entertaining, informative and evidence based, sensitive, humorous and enlightening

The Q&A was exceptional – very spontaneous and detailed

Audience members

History & Storytelling workshop with students:

It was a great opportunity and Lauren was a fantastic teacher. Lauren helped us develop stories rooted in historical fact and helped everyone. It was an amazing day and I hope we get to experience something like it again.


What a fantastic experience for our year 9 students, who spent the day combining their love of history with a passion for drama and creative writing. It was inspiring to see them draw on new and previous knowledge to create new ideas. Lauren was brilliant with our students and we would thoroughly recommend the workshop to other schools.

Laura Storey, teacher at Abbeywood School, Bristol.